Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts

Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts

Harley-Davidson motorcycle partsHarley-Davidson motorcycle partsHarley-Davidson motorcycle parts

Specializing in the FXR

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About me and this little business;

NEW INFORMATION: I had a previous website in place since 2010, but recently had to create this new site, as GoDaddy no longer supports the old one. HOWEVER, you can still find that inventory (until October) at … You will notice that Google has made it tough to view/get into this site, so hit the "advanced" button to move around it  (depending on which browser you are using, as it may be different). 

Hit "details", then "Go to webpage", then on left side, "Advanced Search", then you will see the categories to choose from. Find the item you want and purchase it. All should work just fine at that point. Once that old site has ended, this info will go away. HOWEVER, most of those items will still be for sale in my eBay store;

Shout at me if any questions;

I grew up in Alabama, digging ditches & swinging a harmer on construction sites for tooo many hot Summers. 

Studied at Auburn University, earning a degree in Building Science, 

spent a hot year in FLA working on a development time share project. 

In 1990, I made a trip to the Left Coast to visit my cousin and within one week, I had decided to make this place my new home!

I worked dozens of various jobs trying to figure it all out.

My beginnings in the world of Harley started in the parts department of Dudley Perkins Co. HD, SF, 1993... then managed a small aftermarket motorcycle shop in Burlingame... then became GM for a manufacturer in SoCal... finished up as an outside sales rep for Nempco,

(now known as Biker's Choice), then as of 1999, worked for myself peddling these used parts. Started at swap meets, 

then found online options to sell. was first created in 2000, a self-serve site for folks to buy what they want, when they want. That was the first site. I just finished creating site #3. 

and will be adding to it as I find fresh inventory.

I strive to do it right for my customers. My "job" is to find, purchase and house these parts, photograph them properly, describe them accurately, 

package them up carefully and get them out on schedule. 

I am not a mechanic. Tried it and failed. If you ask me for technical advice, I won't be of much help. If you have a nice bike and want it to stay nice, you will want a qualified mechanic, if you aren't one yourself. 

I could not have created all the FXRs over the years 

without a proper mechanic/fabricator by my site.

General questions about the FXR? I just may be of assistance.

I do not have a physical storefront for you to view, touch, smell or pickup parts (unless it's a truckload). 

I rely on FedEx and the USPS to get my 

packages all over planet Earth. This site only uses the USPS to figure a shipping total, but for many packages, I use FedEx. If there is a "need" for one or the other, PLEASE let me know at the point of purchase. 

The total you see as a shipping cost includes all materials necessary 

(box, bubblewrap, Styrofoam peanuts, tape, etc.) to properly package your item(s) to get them safely to your hands, along with

insurance for your signature, to make sure your package ends up in the right hands.

Do you live outside the US and want to purchase something from my shelves? At the moment, I must use my eBay store for that. 

Here's a direct link;

Yes, it costs us both a bit more to use their services, but that's the only option that works on my end. I've tried other options and failed.

Want to read up on feedback from my customers? 

Here's a link to my eBay feedback.

The shipping cost you see represents proper packaging materials, shipping to your door,  Not able to sign for your package? PLEASE let me know BEFORE you make your purchase, as there are ways around this.

I do not use a telephone to communicate. Emails stay put with the information that you and I speek about and agree too. 

I'm not able to show you a part through a phone cable, 

nor can I take your money over the phone. 

The telephone is obsolete for this little business.

I focus on parts for all FXR models but do have FL Touring, Dyna FXD, Softail FXST FLST, V-Rod and Sportster XL parts in stock.

This site accepts Paypal from Confirmed accounts only, 

but I also accept cash, Western Union & US Postal money orders.

Thanks in advance for your business and mutual respect, 

from one human to another.
E. of Elvis' Place

Sonoma County, CA USA

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Have a question for E? Ask away...

Do you live outside the US and want to purchase something from my inventory? I use my eBay store for that. Here's a direct link;

Elvis' Place is here for you.

7 days a week....

I answer your questions as soon as I possibly can. Outside the US? Here's a link to all the items in my eBay store. Here you go;  

*** This is the ONLY way I can sell/ship outside the US is through my eBay store. Yes, it costs us both a bit more that way, but that's the only way it works for me.