Harley Motor Co 3" round sticker / decal OLD

Harley Motor Co 3" round sticker / decal OLD
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  • Item #: EP19663
  • Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
  • Condition: New

Harley Motor Co. sticker / decal OLD, with a motorcycle shown... they were with ther other decals from the 50s. I'm going to call these "New" .... NOS, but they do show a little age. Good thing they have been in an envelope without getting sun damaged. This is for the ONE decal at the top of the group. See those EP part numbers on the left side? Yes, each of these have a different look to them. The other two are EP19664 and 665


*** I just found an old envelope of Harley decals that I purchased back in 2003... from a guy that had them for much longer than that. I thought they had burned up in my fire of '07... but they survived!!

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