FXRT saddlebag guards

FXRT saddlebag guards
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  • Item #: EP15780
  • Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
  • Condition: Used

FXR saddlebag guards. I was told by the previous owner than that are ready to bolt on and go... but I haven't tried myself. They show some use/age and one or two of those bolts at the ends are a little bent. No road rash on the ends, like many that I find. I've never used a set myself, so I can't answer any install questions. According to an onlooker, "ep15780 = fxrt see hole in crash bar also for rear foot peg ep 15071 = fxrd has 2 bolt holes and C clamps to frame just above rear floorboard mount you can see the differences in your photos if you look closely i have this on paper also from older catalog older catalog also shows extended foot pegs for fairings with lowers would be a good seller.... bolts to front crash bar has a zig-zag to it?"

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