FXRD fairing - 1986 Deluxe Touring Edition

FXRD fairing - 1986 Deluxe Touring Edition
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  • Item #: EP18698
  • Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
  • Condition: Used

FXRD fairing - 1986 Deluxe Touring Edition, from an '86 FXRD. Yep, with LOTS of parts attached to it. Sometimes I will part these things out to make more $$$ , but I decided to leave this one alone. Problems I noticed? Super small crack at very bottom (see photo), right glove pocket/door isn't very happy, a crack or two in the headlamp lens and a cracked backside turn signal. I have no idea about the music. The headlamp bulb looks like one of those fancy, high dollar ones.... this fairing is EXTREMELY heavy... feels like GOLD inside. Yes, this is a very rare fairing setup and I have more photos if interested. Looking for the bottom and small side mounts? See EP18699.


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