FXR tour pak + top luggage rack FXRT FXRD

FXR tour pak + top luggage rack FXRT FXRD
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  • Item #: EP19325
  • Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
  • Condition: Used

FXR tour pak + top luggage rack. A GREAT addition to any ride. I have one on my '86 FXRD and it's amazing how much more STUFF I can pack for the longer trips. This one is super nice. Comes with one key that works. Had a small crack at the bottom but a little JB weld seems to have cured it. Inside you will find some soft liners. Outside; few light scratches here and there, along with a little rust on that chrome luggage rack (nicer than the one on my own bike... don't like it? Take it off and hit it with some black paint or powder... or scuff it for a clean hard look). I also have a matching set of RT saddlebags in stock... yep, they match this stock OEM paint job (shown in last photo). I also have the mounting pieces and bottom luggage rack, EP19326-EP19328. Want to buy all the pieces AND those matching bags? I'm happy to take a little more off the top for you...

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