FXR seat hinge re; 52020-82

FXR seat hinge re; 52020-82
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  • Item #: EP22736
  • Manufacturer: Local Business
  • Condition: New

FXR seat hinge. They have been long gone obsolete from Harley for years now. Glad to find someone making these finally! Made by a local craftsman. Sounds like these are better than OEM!? He says this, "FXR Seat Hinge Re-pop of part # 52020-82. I have been making these for the FXR community for years. These are made of 11 ga. (0.1196) vs. stock 14 ga. (0.075), much stronger than stock. Made with 3/16" brass rod, typical tensile strength (psi) 58,000 and typical yield strength (psi) 45,000. Also included is a plastic retainer. These hinges are made By Hand, cut by water-jet, formed by hand, primed and painted."


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