1986 FXRD exhaust system pipes mufflers hangers hardware shields

1986 FXRD exhaust system pipes mufflers hangers hardware shields
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  • Item #: EP19848
  • Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson
  • Condition: Used

1986 FXRD exhaust system; pipes mufflers hangers hardware shields. I'm using the photos from the seller I purchased them from, along with his description, "The headers and heat shields are good, no cracks or damage beyond normal wear. The chrome on the shields is good. The mufflers are a different story: the left muffler hangers have issues. The rear hanger has broken off and the front is cracked. This was normal due to condensed moisture inside the left muffler. The right muffler is OK. The chrome on both mufflers is pretty good on the top and sides but not too good on the undersides.  These look like FLHT mufflers and mount the same way at the rear but are shorter and smaller in diameter. *** The last picture shows a stock FLHT muffler on the left and the FXRD muffler on the right.
I had this system installed on a personal 1985 FXRP for a couple years until the left muffler had problems. It should all be there but after being stored in the garage for 20 years something small could be missing."

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